6 Shabby Chic Nursery Décor Tips And 24 Ideas

Shabby chic style is soft, cozy and just a little rough around the edges, it’s a great ideas for any space, from kitchens to kids rooms because it is sophisticated yet won’t require much money as there are a lot of reclaimed materials and flea market finds. Want this style for your nursery? Here are some ideas to create a right ambience in shabby chic style.

Go Neutrals And Pastels

Creamy whites and soft pastels make for a beautiful shabby chic nursery palette, but if you’re craving a little more color, muted floral tones have a rustic appeal and look lovely with cream, white or even pastels of a similar hue. Shabby chic décor is easily adapted for girls and boys using pink or blue accents. For a gender neutral décor yellows, greens, beige’s, browns and greys are excellent.

creamy soft shabby chic nursery

shabby white and coral nursery

whitewashed shabby nursery with blush details

neutral shabby chic nursery with pink touches

white shabby chic nursery with pink decorations

Play With Patterns

When choosing textiles for your nursery, be sure to include patterned pieces. Patterned accessories keep things interesting, adding color and breaking up mostly white furnishings. Look for florals patterns and French country prints, and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Playing mix and match with your textiles is a great way to get that eclectic, thrown-together look. Various accent patterned walls are right what you need here.

blush floral bedding for the crib

floral bedding and fabric hanging on the wall

floral bedding for the kids’ bed and a floral wreath on the wall

floral pint wall for a shabby chic nursery

patterned wall behind the crib

blush and serenity patterned bedding for the crib

Mix & Match Furniture

Shabby chic décor is all about creating cohesiveness from chaos. Mismatched furniture is a must. The trick is finding a way to tie it all together. You can always take a couple of flea market finds and renovate them for you

distressed grey changing table with a blush framed mirror

distressed grey changing table

shabby white changing table a vintage framed mirror over it

Create Layers Of Texture

Texture is perhaps the single most important element in shabby chic décor. To get the look, layer weathered furnishings and rustic materials with ornate accents and rich, delicate fabrics. If you’ve chosen a simple iron crib frame, dress it with soft and luxurious bedding. Just focus on incorporating rich and varied layers, and you’ll strike the perfect balance.

Be Creative

Decorating a shabby chic nursery is about using old things in new ways. When looking for furniture and accessories, think outside of the box. An elaborate old kitchen hutch might make a terrific dresser! Broken mirror? That beautiful brass frame would still look fabulous on the wall! See what you can rescue and put to good use. An old dresser can easily become a gorgeous dressing table.

old window and wreath decor

shabby chic buttermilk dresser

white vintage changing table with white framed gallery wall

serenity vintage changing table from a vintage sideboard

Create An Ambience

Pastel colored pictures of nursery rhymes and soft toys on the wall and furniture compliment and add to the atmosphere and beauty of the room.

pink accessories stands for nursery decor

shabby gallery wall to create an ambience

vintage framed mirror and a blush table lamp

fabric kites decor on the wallSelect Files

old window hung on the wall for decor



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