Beautiful DIY Shabby Chic Mirrors To Bring The Charm

A beautiful vintage mirror is an indispensable part of every shabby chic interior, so if you decided to create one, you need a mirror for sure. I’ve prepared some cool tutorials for you to choose from, let’s have a look. You need an old frame, better vintage-looking, sand it and prep for painting or spray painting. Choose the color that you like (for shabby chic style these are basically light shades or just whitewash paint) and go painting as many layers as you need. Let them dry and after that slightly sand the frame. When it’s ready, insert the mirror and hang it on the wall. Enjoy!

exquisite shabby chic mirror (via craftingmarfa)

rustic shabby chic mirror (via shrewd-fox)

oval shabby chic mirror (via mrspickelbaum)

metal shabby chic mirror (via allthingsthrifty)

rustic and shabby mirror (via https:)

shabby chic door mirror (via thriftyandchic)

shabby chic mirror redo (via rosevinecottagegirls)

vintage shabby mirror (via homemakingwithmonica)



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