French Country Living Room Décor Ideas

French country style is charming, elegant and rather budget-savvy because you can use flea market finds here. Such a style is in trend for decorating now because vintage and shabby chic décor with rustic touches is welcoming and soothing. We’ve already shared some ideas to rock this style in different spaces and today we’ll have a look at French country style living rooms.


Go neutrals and pastels, nothing too bold and colorful, this style is all about soft textures and colors, that’s why it’s so soothing and relaxing. White and cream are definitely your choices and pastels can add some cheer and color if you need. All-white rooms with silver accents are welcome, sweet floral patterns on the walls, furniture and textiles are great for such décor.

all-neutral living room in warm shades with shabby chic furniture and wooden beams on the ceiling

a neutral living room with tiles, mirror tiles, a wooden table and various upholstery

white is the main color here, and it makes the room look more spacious

creamy and even blush shades are perfect for a girlish French country room


To make the room eye-catchy you can play with textures. Use natural shades and whitewashed wood, silver, various textiles and upholstery, even stone and brick if you want – for the walls or the fireplace. Metal lanterns and crystal chandeliers will add to the look of the room.

the room is amde cool with shabby and whitewashed wood, with wicker baskets and upholstery

a faux fur rug, metal lanterns, a crystal chandelier and a foraged decoration add interest to the room

a girlish room made eye-catchy with fur, crystals and tiles on the floor

wooden beams on the ceiling are a nice idea to add texture and a rustic feel


Your furniture choice is vintage, shabby chic and rustic – a cool mixture of all these pieces. The good news is that you needn’t spend tons of money on that, just go to the flea market and buy whatever you like, then give this furniture a rustic and shabby chic look using tutorials and various techniques. Choose a gorgeous crystal chandelier for a refined look, it’s a must for such interiors.

oversized crystal chandelier makes a statement in this whitewashed room

a rustic dark stained cabinet in the corner is a focal point of the whole interior

such a sideboard and a chair can be made by you using some simple DIY techniques

a refined white sofa looks cool with a shabby chic blue bench

a mint-colored shabby chic armoire is a statement piece in this white space

upholstered white furniture makes the room cozier and softer

this furniture is mostly made of flea market finds





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