Ways To Create A Shabby Chic Dining Room Or Area

Shabby chic is a décor style created in 1980 by Rachel Ashwell, who found charm and beauty in flea market find that she restored. She began giving modern usual objects a weathered and aged look for purpose giving them that charming look. We continue sharing ideas for those of you who are enchanted by this style and want to recreate it at home. Today we’ll have a look at creating a dining room or a dining area in shabby chic style, it’s not that difficult as you can think. The basic décor principles are the same as for any other shabby chic space, let’s have a look at them.

Go Neutrals And Pastels

Shabby chic builds off of a white background, but there are many shades of white you can work with. As for dining zones, everyone usually prefers to go all-white with just some touches of florals or creamy tones. Mixing brighter whites with aged whites is just fine, you can add pastels – dusty, muted and light blue, pink, sage green, cream, buttermilk and other shades you like to create a desired look.

whitewashed French-style shabby dining area

serenity and aged white shabby chic dining room decor

blue and white shabby chic dining area

French-styled neutral dining area with floral patterns

pink and white shabby chic dining zone

neutrals and blue shabby dining area

whitewashed shabby chic dining room

Textures And Layering

Textures and layers are the thing that will make your shabby dining room interesting and eye-catchy, not plain and boring. Layer weathered or aged furnishings and rustic materials with ornate accents and rich, delicate fabrics. Use shabby chic metal with a vintage feel. Incorporate lace, floral textiles, add crystal chandeliers or lamps to achieve a French countryside feel.

shabby French-styled grey dining room

floral textiles layered on whitewashed shabby furniture

reclaimed wood table with a delicate table runner and a shabby bench with floral textiles

shabby metal dining chairs with ruffled slipcovers

Mix And Match Shabby Chic Furniture

Gather all your flea market pieces, old finds and other stuff, then give them a new life according to the shabby chic interior you want to get. Try to figure the look out before you do that to mix and match the furniture right. Use whitewashing, aging and weathering techniques, DIYing some furniture and other objects allow to get the look for cheap.

distressed blue dining set

shabby white dishes cabinet

distressed whitewashed dining set

whitewashed aged dining furniture

mint shabby tableware and dishes cabinet

rustic reclaimed dining table works well for a shabby interior

white shabby buffet for a shabby dining room

whitewashed shabby buffet

mix and match whitewashed shabby chairs

shabby rustic wooden table on massive legs

Find Proper Shabby Chic Accessories

Shabby chic style is all about accessories, so choose them carefully to match your ambience. If you can’t find any, just look for some tutorials on the web and make what you like using some old things. Wall art pieces, statuettes, fabric art, lamps and other stuff can be easily hacked or renovated to match shabby chic style. Enjoy the ideas we’ve found to inspire you and create your own charming shabby chic dining room!

rustic and shabby centerpiece in a tool box

a crystal chandelier and a serenity ruffled tablecloth create an ambience

fresh flowers in a vase and basket for decor

shabby accessories displayed on a whitewashed table

shabby candleholder and a milk jug used as a vase



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